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Business Process OutsourcingThe Document Scanning Bureau operates a full mail scanning and mail handling and fulfilment service for companies throughout the UK. All mail is handled and scanned the same day at our UK facility in the heart of the UK. This fully managed resource ensures all mail is processed each day on-time, efficiently and with confidentiality and available the same day.


Business Process Outsourcing Services* PO Box and BRE (Prepaid Business Response) provision.

* Mail sorting, processing and handling - tailored to each companies specific requirement.

* Cheque and credit card processing.

* Mail and fax receipts.

* Online tracking system.


All mail is handled and processed individually to each customer/company requirement delivering cost savings and reduced management workload.


Via the Royal Mail PO Box system your customers and suppliers continue to address mail to your company. This is anonymously routed to the Document Scanning Bureau mailroom for processing. In essence the Document Scanning Bureau becomes a unique department of your company at a remote location saving companies thousands of pounds in in-house costs.


Our online tracking system allows customers to check receipts and processing progress in real-time.



To find out more about our mail scanning services, our staff, our production centre and the services we provide please call us on 01623 600665.



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